Month: September 2018

Apple Snails to Autumn

Before my surroundings turned into a well-nigh concrete jungle there were times they would undergo


“ফার্স্ট পার্সন”: HOLOCENE DAYS PT. 1

We didn’t have a second floor yet. Our house was almost surrounded by trees, some were really big wood apple or bael and mango trees and the small ones kind of formed bushes and shrubs. The bushes had concluded into a mound and the mound into a field to the east. It was where my friends and i would play every afternoon. Our house used to have a steeper stoop to the front porch and it was all red in color with enough space to congregate and chat. This activity was a staple back in the days for those sitting as well as those passing by especially on warm summer nights and weekends. The porch was engirdled by half wall and half grille. My granddad would sit in an armchair on there or on the stoop almost all day and would have a little chat with neighborhood folks. Some of them would even drop by to have a longer conversation and cup of tea. My granddad had a very specific routine of things that he would …


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1 The cigarette was hanging between his lips, the smoke was curling up in the air. The moon was astonishingly bright that night and the halo, too clear to remain unnoticed. He took out his phone, wrote “Lunar halo. Have a look at the moon.”. “Aren’t you sleepy?”, a reply came before the next puff of the cigarette. He took the last puff, smiled while exhaling. He looked at the distant hills, those small lights, the other side of the river. It was the beginning of the fall, his most dear days of the year. He went back to his room. Chopin’s Nocturnes was still playing on the music player. Everything was too good to be real. 2 He took out his phone, looked at the screen. It was 10:30 pm. The roads were empty, the shops were closed. He was waiting for the cab to arrive. It was the same place where he usually waits for her for rare meetings, those glamorous afternoons. He wrote her before getting into…

TheLarchWood’s Song of the Day: Aphex Twin – Fingerbib

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? ? Thanks to 1996 self-titled forth studio album Richard D. James Album that was and still is way ahead of its time. Arguably the most important electronic artist’s woozy synth ballad off this album is a masterpiece comprising on a minimal (in terms of Aphex Twin’s music) construction of drum and percussion has been giving out the sensation of contemporary and runaway pop culture since its release and we are absolutely grateful for that. Fingerbib is the TheLarchWood’s Song of the Day getting 5 conifer cones out of 5 for the day. Listen below.  ? ? Richard. Yep?

2:23. A thought on Hallucinations.

I take my headphone off as I find myself listening to this newly-found song for over an hour and going places while lying in this dark room at 2:23 in the morning. “Someone slowly walks by and the passing car’s sound elapses in the distance just like it was on yesterday or the day before. Like I am entangled in a loop of time.” I think to myself. Radonitsa as the track is called. A blend of ambient and folk. From “No Time To Hurry“, an album off a Russian ambient musician Foresteppe. I forsake the urge to sleep as it isn’t going to ensue anytime soon and decide to tramp. As i get past the silhouettes in the living room and open the door of the balcony I see the soft beam of a curved moon lights up the porch. I settle into an armchair. The annoyance and hardship of not being able to rest for days obliterates as soon as the tints of the moon and millions of stars shine upon my weary eyes and I …

Rabbit Island – Deep in The Big Review.

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? The troublesome thing about being a musician who writes records similar to Amber Fresh and her friends is that it’s a hard process to decide when to let go and just release a project because the tracks are mostly lo-fi and damped or in other words filled with distortion, noises and reverb that sometimes make the record only less interesting. A reason why most of the bedroom producers who make lo-fi music don’t release their tracks and they just end up being a part of live radios or continuous mixes on Youtube. When Rabbit Island posted Songs for Kids from Rabbit Island back in January, 2014 on Bandcamp it was distinct, belonging somewhere in between Frankie Cosmos’s why am i underwater?, DADDY COOL, im sorry im hi lets go, pure suburb and Benoît Pioulard’s Hymnal or even the King Creosote and Jon Hopkins’s collaborative project Diamond Mine that came out in 2011. The whole project was analogous to watching our childhood through a 8mm Kodak camera in the…