Owen, You’re Home. The Sun Set It On To The Sky

I woke up to a bright day this morning. It was kind of disappointing at first since the past couple of days it rained quite heavily which I have an affection towards. An all dark and foggy day.

But as the day went on I began to sense the coarseness that it brought. It was the insipidity  of Winter. Not that the climate has been entirely transformed and it’s death freezing, in fact, if anything, it’s quite opposite. The temperature is quite higher than yesterday. But the humidity is relatively lower than past couple of days.

Even though I have an affection towards Summer it’s the time of year when I somewhat want to move on to Winter knowing very well that by the middle of January I’d want it to be Summer again.

There were a lot of years when it used to be very cold around this time of year when I was a kid. But the past couple of years have been different. It has been rainy, it has been foggy, but not cold. And if there would be any sense of cold for a day or two, they’d always go away till the very last days of November.

However, this year there’s hope to get a different climate. 2018, characteristically, has been quite similar to 2010 in here. So there are chances to have a relatively cold air by November 6th or 7th as it’s Diwali on November 7th.

Winter has always been very fascinating for me. From music to theaters Winter brings a whole different feeling of joy with it. I have a very eccentric way to listen to music. I always save a number of bands and songs for Christmas and Winter that I don’t listen to for rest of the year so that I could get the best out of these music. Bands like Volcano Choir, Fleet Foxes, Of Monsters and Men and some songs of Bon Iver and others have been to this list.

This morning, I found myself listening to Volcano Choir’s Unmap for the first time since January. It sang:

Owen, you’re home..The sun set it on to the sky…

The first lines of Island, Is. The 3rd track of the album. And I knew at once Winter is here.


Photo by Vali S. from Pexels

Photo by James Basa from Pexels

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