The Sound of Settling

Last night I got an notification from WordPress. It said “You’ve received 100 followers on Community Nap.” I was happy to see the progress. I mean, it has just been a month since I’m actively posting. And it made me want to write even more.

However, today it felt kind of different. I was not in a mood of writing at all since morning. I guess the spirit of Saturday was all over me. But the fact that i swore to post everyday till tomorrow in the beginning of this week compelled me to just sit down and start writing. But I had not been able to come up with any idea until I had to go out.

I guess it’s an impediment for a lot of bloggers to come up with something to write. And that is somewhere absolutely normal. We sit in front of the computer. We just start to dwell on the topic we try to write and at the end….There’s nothing. A sort of Writer’s Block that is absolutely common among the people. And by people I mean, artists, musicians, writers and anyone who creates. So is there anyway to get through this?

There is! There are actually a couple of ways to get over this sort of impediments. They are:

Ever notice how when we go to bed earlier than usual, we, most of the times, are not able to sleep at all?

That is because we are out of phase with our bodies’ circadian rhythm. In other words we are forcing ourselves to go against our natural rhythm of regular intervals. 

However, when we compel ourselves to write (let’s say for the sake of our audience or reader) we are kind of forcing ourselves to go beyond our natural instinct of creating. So we get baffled and as the result: Nothing comes out. So it’d be a good practice to write for yourself and not for the sake of your audience. Always remember, it’s not about the quantity of the words or articles you’re publishing in a day or week or month, rather it’s the quality of the writing that matters. So read or watch more about the  stuffs that you’re into and then try to write. And I’m sure you will be able to create more often.

I remember a couple of months ago I was working on a score for a play and I was not being able to come up with anything whatsoever. Everyday I’d sit and I’d disappoint myself in the end. Around that time of month a friend of mine called and asked me for a trip to a beach he’d been planning. I decided to go and when I came back everything that I had not been able to create just came out in no time.

This whole event made me realize that it’s important to take a break sometimes and be happy and productive about the things we’re doing. If we feel like a prisoner of our own exertion, it’d only be worse for us. So always remember to take a break.

Another way to get through writer’s block is to read other people’s blogs. especially the blogs that we follow or that follow us. When we contemplate on the work of our peers it influences us to be on a level similar to them. Thanks to my fellow bloggers who have been influencing me this whole time, of course.

And that goes back to my first point: to read and watch or listen more often.

One good way to develop a habit of writing everyday is to write everyday. It might sound gibberish but it actually helps a lot. You don’t have to publish everything you have been writing. But try to write everyday. Take a picture or piece of music or movie and write your opinion or thinking on them. This way, you’d always have a subject to dwell on. Try to compare yourself with an animal or an element in nature. We’re talking about topics here and nothing is easier than forming an opinion on something. It’s in our natural instinct to just form an opinion about anything. So it would be much easier to write them as well.

And at last, writer’s block will always be there. it happens to anyone that we know of. So unless you’ve an ability to write with a blindfold (which can only be achieved by writing everyday) you have to face them. It’s nothing to be ashamed of or angry with. Always remember we’re just humans in the end of the day.               

Happy Saturday.


Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger from Pexels

Photo by from Pexels

8 thoughts on “The Sound of Settling

  1. My muse sometimes runs away and she left behind a huge black hole. I tried everything but everything is empty. I write, I delete, I write again, I delete…for thousands times. It was really scary to me. If I don’t write, I feel like I have nothing at all. But my muse was not there… I didn’t know what to do.

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    1. Ahh, its a part of it as well. Taking a break helps me a lot if something like this shows up. I keep my mind busy by listening to a lot of music, watching movies or reading books and most importantly I talk to other people when this void shows up. You know, just like you’ve stated “We’re all gonna die some day, but living like an interesting person is totally worth to live.” so if we start to dwell upon this void, it’ll only get bigger and better. Instead just leave it and do other stuffs. The muse comes back sooner or later, always.

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  2. This is such a great read!! We all get writers block and need inspiration. And the 100 followers must of been such a great feeling! I felt so happy when I started a week ago and had my first follower and that was actually you! So thank you for the inspiration!

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