A Forgotten Song

He Writes:

“Lighter tone and an ensnaring comfort. A hoary sun upon my face and her. The hills of stones and permanent ways through her chest.

Unbridled oscillations, rising up; then falling down again. A peaceful amble;

it’s zephyr, it’s warm, it’s soft, it’s homeward..”

He writes again: ‘Yesterday morning was a bit confusing for me. I had dreams that I don’t get to see anymore. Or it’d be hard to comply if I ever had one like this before; regarding the context. The colors in the dream were almost monochromatic. They were grey, rather dark.

Turned out the weather outside was liable for the event. It was all fogged up and the dismal weather made the morning seem like a dark evening. It was around 7:30, and the darker tone in my room on to my eyes made me have that dream in the similar hue.

However, the context and the hue of the dream alone was not enough for me to write about it. In fact I wound not have been writing this blog on a dream if it was for the dream alone. It was rather a piece of music that was in the dream that I, somehow, am not being able to remember….’

And he suddenly remembers the song. He quickly types in on YouTube: “Give me wings”


photo from pexels

P.S. – It’s a popular Japanese folk song written by Michio Yamagami (山上路夫) and composed by Kunihiko Murai (村井邦彦). Many Japanese and Non-Japanese artists have released a cover version of this song as well. Namely, Hayley Westenra, Susan Boyle, Babymetal, D=Out, Sayaka Ichii, Mucc and many others.


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