Someday the Waves

Looked through my window and it’s almost dark out. It’s only 4:48 in the afternoon or might I say evening. I had a lazy day today. It was almost to the point where i thought I’d not write and was going to give up on daily blogging.

One half of me had had every excuse to give up as well. I thought I am going to post something really amazing tomorrow. Something informative and interesting and would take an ample amount of research in order to formulate; so it’d be precise to skip a day and do some research on the topic.

while the other half of me didn’t want to break the chain of daily blogging at all. I supposed it’d be unnecessary and improper. Especially when I didn’t have a proper reason to not write.

It was an incessant conflict of self. And it transformed my sheer idleness to restlessness. So I decided to give it a try. Because sitting there and dwelling upon whether or not to write or post was not getting me anywhere other than the feeling of restlessness.

But at the end of the day we’re just humans and our thinking process comes to a pause when we are compelled. So when I first started writing this blog the biggest issue was the subject.

I wrote and I backspaced then wrote again. When you’re not in the mood of writing or creating in general you are not able to write properly even when you have a subject. So I found myself staring blankly at the computer and trying to come up with something….But I just kept on trying until I came up to this.

The struggle is indeed real;  but it’s delightful when you’re able to get it through. Everyday blogging is not necessary. But it develops some certain skills inside us when we’re into writing or any sort of creating process.

Happy Blogging.


Photo by Josh Sorenson from Pexels

Photo from Pexels

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