An Ocean in between the Waves

For the past two days I was absent. I could not blog. It’s somewhat ironic especially when the last blog that I had published was on not breaking the chain of daily blogging. The absence was somewhat both intentional and unintentional. But it was more of a imprudent mistake. For that reason I could not entirely be absolved or blamed.

So what happens when you aim to blog on a daily basis but cannot?

“You feel terrible. You feel like you will never blog again. You want to smash the computer and want to smash anything that comes in your hand and then you break even more.. You just go on a rampage and wreck everything.”

Well, absolutely not. These things do and should not happen. And if it happens to you, let me tell’s absolutely okay to take a break. And if anything, it’s actually good to take a break sometimes. So when you comeback you can get a fresher aspect of writing. You can have new ideas or you can just write about the recess you were into.

The past two days were quite bustling for me even though I did have enough amount of time to write. But I did not when I could and when I wanted to write I did not have enough time for that. Consequently, It has taught me something very important: to plan an appointed time for writing if I want to keep up with daily blogging. Not only for blogging but for anything I do in a single day. Limiting a time to spend on each task is important. It gives you the sufficiency of attaining more than one task in a day.

However, when I was on the break I noticed the contemporaneous writing makes writing and other activities far more methodical and in a way: easy. In other words, when you write everyday it becomes explicitly easy to write about the subject you have on your mind. It becomes easy to think of words and form phrases to give life to your subject. Not only the words but daily blogging helps us in developing a certain distinctiveness as well which some of you might have noticed by now.

Taking a break for 2 or 3 days doesn’t harm the process at all. In fact, when you take a break it seems easier to write because you are not forcing yourself anymore. Our thinking process reaches at it’s peak when we’re not compelled. So try to blog everyday but don’t forget to take a break and take time to reflect.

Happy Blogging!

Photo by Matt Hardy from Pexels

9 thoughts on “An Ocean in between the Waves

  1. Taking a break is needed sometimes. I find that writing constantly and forcing myself to makes eventually leads me to have writers block and brain fog. My words start to sound like they don’t come from the heart and instead turn into something I have to do. More tedious than it should be. I need that one or two day break to clear my head and come back with an open mind.

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    1. Thank you for taking the time to read.
      Yes! We should always take a short break. If we feel like a prisoner of our own artistry or creation it’d indeed only make it worst and lead us to have writer’s blog and brain frog eventually. It’s very important to take some time off and reflect so the love for blogging remains.

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  2. Agreed. Sometimes you have an idea that you want to write on and you just can’t find a way to express it the way you want or you are just not happy with the way you are planning to write. Taking a break gives you breathing room and provides an excellent way to gain a better perspective to our thoughts.
    Nice title btw. 🙂

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    1. I just finished off reading your blog. Thank you so much!! It’s really nice of you. I was actually kinda caught up in stuffs. And when I finally got time last night I was too tired to post.
      Really happy and pleased to see you…


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