Anna, You’re Lost in a Shadow There

I have been watching a Netflix series lately, which some of you might know the name of or have watched in the meantime. Even though it has just been 2 episodes I think it’d be safe to admit that I’m finding it quite absorbing. It’s called Maniac based on the Norwegian television series of the same name by Espen PA Lervaag; starring Emma Stone, Jonah Hills, Gabriel Byrne, Sonoya Mizuno and many others.

Based on these two episodes I think Maniac delineates a time frame that took place in the past, presumably the very late 90’s or early 00’s. But it alludes a lifestyle and technologies that is far better than what it was in those times. A future that never took place but everyone dreamed about in 70’s or 80’s.

Even though it feels somewhat nostalgic to have all these influences on our entertainments and lifestyles, I kind of find it terrifying how as we are moving towards the future our perceptions and perspectives are changing along with it. We no longer visualize an absolute futuristic utopia, rather we are finding pleasure in 80’s,90’s and early 00’s neon vibes, combining them with the idea of today’s technologies in order to form a new time frame filled with lowlife and high tech; a perfect cyberpunk-ish dystopia. From music to arts to fashions, it has its influence on everything that we can think of…

Are we truly running out of ideas to form something new or have we just grown a pessimistic aspect of life towards the future or is it both?

Photo by mentatdgt from Pexels

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