Painted Memories

The other day I was having a conversation about dreams and nightmares with some of my friends. I got to hear a lot of crazy stories and some of them were eerie experiences of sleeping paralysis. As some of you might know and agree it could be a worse experience of them all. Thankfully I didn’t ever have a perception that could be called sleeping paralysis in direct terms. However, I noticed that some of them believes that sleeping paralysis is a spiritual phenomenon and that, spirits truly come and take over the control of their body. I could not agree less.

However, as the time went on those stories of dreams and nightmares changed into the experiences of familiarity. Meaning, events that seem like they have already happened in the past; also known as déjà vu. A common intuitive experience that happens or has happened to many of us.

A couple of months ago I was on a trip to a beach. It’s a place I visit twice or thrice a year. And every time it feels like there’s always something to rediscover about the place. So I was casually walking around with a friend in the hope of finding something new; a new neighborhood or a new part of forest. And suddenly, I was in front of an abandoned house. I was sure I had seen the house before but had not been able to remember where! I had kept on thinking until I realized that the house was in a dream.

It was unlike the experience of déjà vu. I was able to remember where I had seen it. And It turned out I was not the only one who had experienced something like that. A friend of mine used to have a dream of a house that she’d frequently see in her dreams and found out its existence later in a place where she had never been.

So there can be two primary explanations for an event like this..

It’s Predefined..

As Dr. Judith Orloff stated “There are situations that are glitches in time, when the rules bend and the mystery takes hold. Enchanted moments that sparkle. These are deja-vus.

She continues, “Your real estate agent might show you a house that feels so familiar and right, you instantly know it is yours. Or perhaps you are in a restaurant and sense an inexplicable kinship with a woman sitting in the back corner booth. Don’t let these possibilities pass you by. Take notice; investigate. There is no way of predicting where each might lead or what it will teach you. Summoning the courage to take a chance and act on synchronicities, to have faith in what is not yet visible, will make the experience your own.

So we can presume that some things happen for a reason and we should always look out for the hint and use it.

or/ our mind is not just a compilation of things that we have been doing and witnessing since our birth..

Think of a dream we have. Sometimes we see places, houses or faces that we aren’t aware of. It’s not because they are a part of something we have never witnessed, instead they are the part of everything we have ever witnessed but filled with glitches and abstractions. I believe our memories is not just an autobiography of our life, rather they are able to form something extremely complex that us, humans have not realized yet.

Think of a person you know for a long time; you might be able to guess his/her liking regarding a subject matter because you know him/her very well. What if this prediction becomes even more precise and complex when it comes to our subconscious mind?

What if our memories in association with our mind is able to navigate our future, but in our subconscious?

Even though I do not have a potential logic to support this statement, I believe there is always something in our memories and mind that is able to do more than what we have comprehended yet. And that, in  30 to 40 years from now it’ll be even more apparent than it is now.

However, it all might just be a coincidence and our mind is nothing but a compilation of everything that we have been doing since our childhood. But there will always be something to dwell upon….As Tom Robin said “Dreams don’t come true; They are true”


Photos from Pexels

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