An Empty Place

Winter is a great time to listen to music. No annoying noise from fans and as the people are not out as much and traffic comes to a halt the world seems quieter. Those who live in the parts of world that experience snowfall know it even better. There’s a silence in snowfall and fog. It’s like they are getting in the way of sound.

It’s actually they really do get in the way of sound but they affect the higher frequencies more than they affect the lower ones. And it somewhat creates a stillness. An eerie, muted and dumb stillness that you hear at nights, especially when you go to bed. Horror movies tend to use this similar technique in order to have a stifle background in them too.

But this phenomenon alone is not enough to stifle all the sound in nature. The temperature has a lot to do with the stillness. Cold air is denser than the warm one and sound travels much slower through denser material than it does through lighter one.  Snow stacks tend to absorb a good amount of sound as well. Surfaces with holes (especially the small ones) are very effective at absorbing sound. And as snows get stacked up they leave more space in them and it becomes harder for sound to bounce off and reflect and as a result we get the absolute stillness of winter.

Winter offers it’s own beauty. It’s almost impossible to unheard the music that’s bedded deep inside. The music of silence..And in the winter’s solitude we rediscover them. And we rediscover ourselves…


Photos from pexels

27 thoughts on “An Empty Place

  1. Having decided a few years ago to cultivate a live for winter rather than dread, the silence is one of my favorite aspect. Settling down in the woods out of the wind and just hearing that dense silence – ahhhhhh. Thanks for this.

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  2. I loved this post and the way you introduce the very special silence of winter. The sacred feel
    of sound when you step out in newfallen snow, high and covering all.

    I didn’t realise it was the density of the snow that made all so quiet. Of course the lack of outside
    activity also adds to the silence.
    I grew up in a country with winters like this.


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