Rainbow Road

The hardest part of resumption is that you probably wouldn’t know where to begin! And if you would, you wouldn’t know how. But there’s always a way. I haven’t posted in days. In 42 days to be precise. And I couldn’t possibly allow myself to pop up out of nowhere and just post an article on “A Brief History of Impressionism or something”.

It’s something I love to do, that’s a sure thing. To write articles about different artistic movements, myths, music and many more (literally anything that comes in mind). But I somewhere felt the urge to write about the absence or break I had been on before I got into my regular blogging schedule.

Back in the days when I was just a rug rat my parents would buy me drawing books! There would be apples and bananas. God, there were always apples and bananas in drawing books. But most importantly there would be drawings of suburbs and villages. Drawings that I was fond of. They were like pieces of music, I guess, take you to places and give away the feeling-good vibe. And all these years later, the thing I had missed the most (certainly there was “BLOGGING” itself) about blogging was to find the photographs. The element that complete our stories and sometimes becomes the story. However, I’m getting ahead of myself.

Was it something momentous? I guess not. I had all the time in the world if I wanted to write. But I guess I wasn’t willing enough and it went back to the old holiday spirit and a tadbit idleness. But whatever, when I am writing this post, I can confirm this is the most fun I’ve had in blogging in a long time. Breaks are better, that’s for sure.

And about the title and the featured image; I think the reason I chose these over a beautiful landscape and a beautiful and interesting title because it somewhere goes along with the emotion of this writing. It’s the simple truth, wherever you go, you have gotta move forward no mater what. And there’s only one way and that is it; YOU ALWAYS HAVE TO MOVE AHEAD.

I hope you had a great new year and January. I know I had. It’s good to be back. Have a good day.

6 thoughts on “Rainbow Road

  1. Welcome back! I like what you said about finding the photographs. I like the way writing my blog makes me look at the world more closely, and to search for the photographs I want to take. It’s definitely integral to the work, and very satisfying. And, I totally agree about moving ahead! 🙂

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  2. I really like this post! I like taking breaks. Take for example your name-Community Nap. “Napping” does not mean we are not doing anything. Sometimes when we rest something is being done in us instead. God Bless

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