The Anatomy of Ghost Movies

It goes like this: it’s about time you know very well you’re going to regret afterwards but you do it anyway. “The door creaks open, they always do. something comes up.” A smashing sound makes you almost fall off the couch or bed.

Now you’re having trouble getting to the bathroom or closing your eyes because every time you try either one of them you imagine the ghost that you just laid your eyes upon. THE LORD BLESS THEE because you need it more than anything right now. And you have to wake up early for the school tomorrow.

As you grow up it becomes quite conventional. The ghost comes, poses for the camera for a real long hour and eventually kill everyone in the family or house. Yeah something like that. The same song and dance. Nothing more or less. And if you want anything more than this you need a good ghost. The one who doesn’t kill people. AHHH, I don’t know if you really wanna watch them.

So you become bored of ghost movies or ghosts in general. You see those movies on different websites: “Scariest movie ever or in history!!” and when you watch them they are the same stereotypical garbage you already know of. And your search continues for a movie that is truly scary. And your life goes on like this.

13 thoughts on “The Anatomy of Ghost Movies

  1. Is this that simple? I like the way you’ve left a subtle loophole in the title: ‘ghost’ movie by avoiding a more complicated genre that lies in the backdrop, called ‘horror.’ Even then, yes, even with that, it is not the ‘same stereotypical garbage.’ Probably there is something more to it. Well, of course I am not talking about blunt giallos, although some giallos are pure kino, and have influenced thousands of so called arthouse films. Point is, personally I feel ghost movies get more complicated and matured as we grow up as our definition of ‘truly scary’ evolves.

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    1. dank! I have to both agree and disagree with you on this. Talking about horror movies idrk much about that but as for ghost movies, I think, Ghost movies have evolved to a place almost similar to fashion or music where you see articles like “THE NEW DENIM SENSATION” (that’s not the real title but whatever) where you see people wearing jeans whose one leg is regular fit another one is bell bottom. you know it’s ugly but people will give it a try at some point because they want something new and will settle down for something like this eventually. It’s the same reason why they are releasing movies like The Nun and calling Hereditary the scariest movie of the year or decade. the answer is quite simple; they are running outta ideas.


      1. The kept it simple and I liked that…it is good to watch…if you catch a new ghost movie that is good…let me know! Thanks for responding.

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  2. First off, great post! I used to live for horror movies growing up. I loved zombies and ghosts in particular. There was an anticipation that was just wonderful. The movies have seemed to be degrading in quality over the years though. I will say that there are some wonderful short stories that still carry that sense of gloom and doom. If you listen to audio books (and Audible in particular), they had an original story that came out last October called “Lullaby” by Jonathan Mayberry and performed by Scott Brick that gave me goosebumps.

    As an aside, three kids into my marriage and I find that “wafting smell” to be the scariest “spirit” when hanging out with our toddler. I’ve spent too many sleepless nights with kids to be afraid of something scarier than an angry, teething, infant in the dark. Especially if they start biting to express their anger.

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    1. That’s interesting! Isn’t it something called clairscent abilities to be able to detect aromas as they filter in from the ‘spirit’ world?

      And thanks so much for the rec. I’m definitely gonna check it out. I think audio books are the only way to feel what I’d been feeling before the whole ‘scary’ part went away and disappear from the movies..


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