Le Mariage Collectif – A Soundtrack Worth Remembering

If you type in Le Mariage Collectif or simply Collective Marriage on Google, it’s definitely unlike most of the search results you would get for a movie. There’s not much out there on internet about it that might be of your interest. Mariage Collectif has been anything but remembered by history as an important movie, that’s for sure, a fact even admitted by the press release for its soundtrack. A 1971’s French drama based upon a married couple having difficulties in sexual relationship. Sounds lame, right?

Well, not everything about this movie is as lame as you think it might be. Conversely, Mariage Collectif could be taken as a minor classic as well. But what has really been noteworthy and significant about it is the soundtrack from Jean-Pierre Mirouze and the story behind the recovery of the album.

Even though, Mariage Collectif’s soundtrack is considered one of the most fascinating album out there and has influenced many sounds of 21st century, the album was once long forgotten and had been conserved through only a handful copies, one of which was recovered in a Paris landfill in 2010.

The album’s most defining and fascinating joint, Sexopolis, a Hammond or B12 organ heavy track with dominating drums and groovy guitars and strings is certainly a track that would put you in a mood in no time. The imagination, wit, and creativity exhibited in this album were certainly way ahead of its time. So if you’re into this sort of things, this record deserves all your attention.