Moving on, Getting Over

Well, since I’m no longer posting on this blog anymore, which I had thought I would for — probably rest of my life; (we think about a lot of stuffs, that’s for sure) this blog has become a ghost town abandoned by all the people that used to live here. And by people, I mean, me and the readers who read the stuffs I used to write. Or we can at least call it a ghost house for sure!! The one around corner of the street, been abandoned for like 100 years. Holy Moly!! The idea of this house gives me goosebumps. I had one of these houses in my neighborhood when I was a kid; I remember it very well. People used to call it a ghost house too.

I don’t know why did they call it a ghost house though. Nobody ever encountered any ghost there..And even if there were ghosts; where are they now?? Since the house has been demolished by promoters. They have brand new houses over there now. (long pause…)

Times and places change. And it’s kind of scary. The places we call home will be someone else’s at some point of time someday.. (And I thought I was a nihilist)

What was I asking about?? Ah the ghosts..They left for sure. They left under the pale moonlight shining over their white flannel. May be they cried too. The ghosts of the landlords. The most common one..

I’m getting too caught up with these ghosts stuff. I might get haunted tonight, who knows. lol.

onto the next one….

Our paragraphs tell a lot about ourselves, that I have noticed. It’s the size of them that speak the language. If it gets shorter, you’re out of ideas to pen down. See the length of my paragraphs. The first one; its huge (compared to all the other paragraphs I have on this post until this one), the next one shorter, the next one shorter and bam!! The last one; it has come down to a single line. Well, that is what I’m seeing in my editor right now. It might look a bit longer when I publish this post and you see it. ….


It’s good to see you again. How are you doing right now? Taking a good care of yourself? And wash those hands frequently. It’s important. The crazy stuffs happening around the world. God bless us everyone..

Alright, so where were we..I forgot why I started writing this post…(long awkward pause)

Just came back after a cup of coffee actually.. I’d be happy as heaven if we could share one..Ah, so talking about writing this one.. I was basically running around checking out old posts from this blog to republish them on the new one I have opened a couple weeks ago..Turns out I did not write much about the thing I love the most!!!..MUSIC.

So these posts ; here…they will stay here and call communiynap their home. As for me.. I will be on and off visiting this blog. Even if it takes time, I will come back to this one and write like this. About the random stuffs. It’s fun actually. Coming from a happy place. I mean, How could I even think of leaving this blog behind!! This is where it all started. I never thought I would get so much support from you guys. And writing random stuffs are fun when you are surrounded by so many amazing people..

Happy Saturday everyone..have a good one. And don’t forget to be happy. YOU ARE SPECIAL.

See you some other day..

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