An Experience Beyond This World: Mahisasuramardini

This Saturday Mahisasuramardini ( The annihilation of Mahishasura, the buffalo demon) is taking place. A one and half-hour audio montage of Chandipath broadcasted on All India Radio at 4 A.M. in the morning on the day of Mahalaya since 1931. Mahalaya, the ending of Pitru Paksha, marks the beginning of Debipaksha and Durga Puja festival. A folklore on when all the male Gods found themselves … Continue reading An Experience Beyond This World: Mahisasuramardini

A Young Director and his only film

I came across a brief write up by one of my acquaintances on Facebook   a few days back. “…Asia is the place where cinema is still breathing a fresh whiff of significant cinema – something which current European cinema is visibly lacking!”, it concluded. He listed a bunch of directors from different parts of Asia who are shining with their works today. But what caught … Continue reading A Young Director and his only film

Maborosi and memory

Maborosi, the first feature film by contemporary Japanese maestro Kore-eda Hirokazu. Yumiko, the protagonist, is a girl when we first meet her. She lives with her parents and grandmother in Osaka. Her grandmother leaves the home to go back to the village she is from before dying. Yumiko tries to stop her but fails. Her grandmother never comes back. She met a boy with a … Continue reading Maborosi and memory

Listen to these Sounds of Mother Earth

On a recent trip to an ‘isolated mountain’, I happened to realize how insignificant we are in this vastness of space. Traveling at the speed of light, it would take almost 100,000 years to cross the Milky Way. So if you imagine a particle of dust upon this gargantuan planet, you are still nowhere near to perceive how infinitesimally small a position we occupy in … Continue reading Listen to these Sounds of Mother Earth

Of Swan Lake

Back when I was a kid, another fascinating thing about an animated series was the music. The weekends were full of joints from Justice League, Spider-Man: The New Animated Series, Gargoyles, Cédric, Oswald, Bob the Builder, Noddy, Looney Tunes and many others that I probably don’t even remember the name of. Back when there was not really a thing called internet to take over the … Continue reading Of Swan Lake

Rainbow Road

The hardest part of resumption is that you probably wouldn’t know where to begin! And if you would, you wouldn’t know how. But there’s always a way. I haven’t posted in days. In 42 days to be precise. And I couldn’t possibly allow myself to pop up out of nowhere and just post an article on “A Brief History of Impressionism or something”. It’s something … Continue reading Rainbow Road

An Ocean in between the Waves

For the past two days I was absent. I could not blog. It’s somewhat ironic especially when the last blog that I had published was on not breaking the chain of daily blogging. The absence was somewhat both intentional and unintentional. But it was more of a imprudent mistake. For that reason I could not entirely be absolved or blamed. So what happens when you … Continue reading An Ocean in between the Waves

Halloween Inscriptions: Part – II The House of the Pristine

It has been 4 and a half years since this event has taken place. One of the few experiences I have that can be addressed as supernatural and unearthly. A few days ago I published a blog on anxiety and how its existence is able to distort our thought process; The Ghosts of the Past. This whole experience, however, had occurred before The Ghost of … Continue reading Halloween Inscriptions: Part – II The House of the Pristine