An Experience Beyond This World: Mahisasuramardini

This Saturday Mahisasuramardini ( The annihilation of Mahishasura, the buffalo demon) is taking place. A one and half-hour audio montage of Chandipath broadcasted on All India Radio at 4 A.M. in the morning on the day of Mahalaya since 1931. Mahalaya, the ending of Pitru Paksha, marks the beginning of Debipaksha and Durga Puja festival. A folklore on when all the male Gods found themselves … Continue reading An Experience Beyond This World: Mahisasuramardini

Once Upon a Time…

“It was so quiet, one of the killers would later say, you could almost hear the sound of ice rattling in cocktail shakers in the home way down the canyon”. That’s the opening line of the book ‘Helter Skelter: The true story of the Manson Murders’ by Vincent Bugliosi and Curt Gentry. Charles Manson died in 2017. “Five days after the killings he engineered, the … Continue reading Once Upon a Time…

Maborosi and memory

Maborosi, the first feature film by contemporary Japanese maestro Kore-eda Hirokazu. Yumiko, the protagonist, is a girl when we first meet her. She lives with her parents and grandmother in Osaka. Her grandmother leaves the home to go back to the village she is from before dying. Yumiko tries to stop her but fails. Her grandmother never comes back. She met a boy with a … Continue reading Maborosi and memory

The Readymade that Influenced the Nihilistic Dada, the Pop and Conceptual Art

The theory behind the “Readymade” was explained in an anonymous editorial published in the May 1917 issue of avant-garde magazine The Blind Man. An art and Dada journal organized briefly by Henri-Pierre Roché, Marcel Duchamp and Beatrice Wood in New York City. It read: “Whether Mr Mutt with his own hands made the fountain or not has no importance. He CHOSE it. He took an … Continue reading The Readymade that Influenced the Nihilistic Dada, the Pop and Conceptual Art

An Insistence of Change: The Energy And Intent Behind the Outset of Italian Futurism

When Étienne-Jules Marey developed a way of recording several phases of movement in one photograph in 1882, it became one of the key ideas behind the onset of Futurism in the early 20th century. Focusing on progress and modernity, the Futurists sought to sweep away traditional artistic notions and replace them with an energetic celebration of the machine age. They emphasized on creating a unique … Continue reading An Insistence of Change: The Energy And Intent Behind the Outset of Italian Futurism

The Legacy of Cubism

The most radical movement in avant-garde art in Europe, the beginning of Cubism dated back to 1907 when Picasso completed his groundbreaking Les Demoiselles d’Avignon (The Young Ladies of Avignon, originally titled The Brothel of Avignon), a crowded canvas that portrays five nude female prostitutes in a brothel on Carrer d’Avinyó (Avignon Street) in Barcelona. Cubist painters portrayed the world as it was known, rather … Continue reading The Legacy of Cubism

A Brief History of Christmas Markets

It’s the time of the year in all across the Northern Europe, especially in Germany. The loveliness of choir singers engulfing the night with Christmas carols, the sound of children laughter and the good old aroma of thuringian sausages, gingerbread, gebrannte mandeln and many more. It’s the Christmas Market, also known as Christkindlmarkt, Christkindlesmarkt, Christkindlmarket, Christkindlimarkt, and Weihnachtsmarkt, indicating the beginning of Advent. For centuries, … Continue reading A Brief History of Christmas Markets

Saudade: The Love That Remains

When it comes to the word Saudade, there are plenty of things that come in mind. The 1974’s Moacir Santos album, the 2011’s Japanese movie, the 1994’s song by Chris Rea, or the 2014’s Thievery Corporation album and many more. But what about this word or expression that led these artists, musicians, and director to make so many projects named after it? Being nostalgic for … Continue reading Saudade: The Love That Remains

The August Male and The August Female (Izanagi and Izanami)

Before the universe came into existence, everything was a chaos. It was sunk into a shapeless and unimaginably infinite and vast matter filled with darkness and emptiness. Later there were sounds that indicated the movement of particles. And with this, the lightest and the transparent rose up and formed the Takamagahara (the Plain of High Heaven) and the heavy and opaque gradually subsided and became … Continue reading The August Male and The August Female (Izanagi and Izanami)

3:34. A thought on Minds.

I have always been curious as to how we would develop our idiosyncrasies in terms of isolation from the world in general. Would it resuscitate the primordial quintessence inside us or beget an entirely new instinct? I believe human mind is incapable of  forming nothing. It’s unable to think of zero. Namely, if we are ever to say “what if nothing would exist. Universe, stars, planets, time, … Continue reading 3:34. A thought on Minds.


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1 The cigarette was hanging between his lips, the smoke was curling up in the air. The moon was astonishingly bright that night and the halo, too clear to remain unnoticed. He took out his phone, wrote “Lunar halo. Have a look at the moon.”. “Aren’t you sleepy?”, a reply came before the next puff of the cigarette. He took… Continue reading Montage