I Trawl The Megahertz

This entry was originally posted at anuranon I said ‘Your daddy loves you.’ I said ‘Your daddy loves you very much…He just doesn’t want to live with us anymore.’ It’s been a good one year since Prefab Sprout reissued I Trawl the Megahertz. But its original release eventuated way back. Almost 17 years. Hovering around the Internet to find the reviews of the album, three … Continue reading I Trawl The Megahertz

A Diminished Custom

You’ve probably heard the famous quote of Joan Lowery Nixon before: “We don’t believe in ghosts, Mrs. Phipps.” “Don’t matter if you believe in them or not. If they’re there, they’re there.” So, I’d gone to bed last night with the expectation to see or hear from one, but nobody or nothing showed up. I have been a skeptic for a while now but I still have … Continue reading A Diminished Custom