Listen to these Sounds of Mother Earth

On a recent trip to an ‘isolated mountain’, I happened to realize how insignificant we are in this vastness of space. Traveling at the speed of light, it would take almost 100,000 years to cross the Milky Way. So if you imagine a particle of dust upon this gargantuan planet, you are still nowhere near to perceive how infinitesimally small a position we occupy in … Continue reading Listen to these Sounds of Mother Earth


Outsider art had its origins in the psychiatric collections of 19th-century European psychiatric hospitals when some psychiatrists started to collect artworks produced by their patients. But it was originally recognized as a specific category of artistic production in the 20th century. Interest in the art of the mentally ill, along with the children, was first demonstrated by the members of Der Blaue Reiter (The Blue … Continue reading A Brief History of SELF-TAUGHT & OUTSIDER ART

Saudade: The Love That Remains

When it comes to the word Saudade, there are plenty of things that come in mind. The 1974’s Moacir Santos album, the 2011’s Japanese movie, the 1994’s song by Chris Rea, or the 2014’s Thievery Corporation album and many more. But what about this word or expression that led these artists, musicians, and director to make so many projects named after it? Being nostalgic for … Continue reading Saudade: The Love That Remains

Beneath the Shrouds of Thoughts

By Bidisha Sinha // A gold digger chips on in a dark, dingy mine while his face gets plastered with mud… the silence of the night broken by the constant chipping… the music feels the room and into my veins of thoughts. As the cigarette smoke infiltrates my senses, my mind wanders in and out of the things that have happened with me and … Continue reading Beneath the Shrouds of Thoughts

3:34. A thought on Minds.

I have always been curious as to how we would develop our idiosyncrasies in terms of isolation from the world in general. Would it resuscitate the primordial quintessence inside us or beget an entirely new instinct? I believe human mind is incapable of  forming nothing. It’s unable to think of zero. Namely, if we are ever to say “what if nothing would exist. Universe, stars, planets, time, … Continue reading 3:34. A thought on Minds.