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Le Mariage Collectif – A Soundtrack Worth Remembering

If you type in Le Mariage Collectif or simply Collective Marriage on Google, it’s definitely unlike most of the search results you would get for a movie. There’s not much out there on internet about it that might be of your interest. Mariage Collectif has been anything but remembered by history as an important movie, that’s for sure, a fact even admitted by the press release for its soundtrack. A 1971’s French drama based upon a married couple having difficulties in sexual relationship. Sounds lame, right? Well, not everything about this movie is as lame as you think it might be. Conversely, Mariage Collectif could be taken as a minor classic as well. But what has really been noteworthy and significant about it is the soundtrack from Jean-Pierre Mirouze and the story behind the recovery of the album. Even though, Mariage Collectif’s soundtrack is considered one of the most fascinating album out there and has influenced many sounds of 21st century, the album was once long forgotten and had been conserved through only a handful …

Of Swan Lake

Back when I was a kid, another fascinating thing about an animated series was the music. The weekends were full of joints from Justice League, Spider-Man: The New Animated Series, Gargoyles, Cédric, Oswald, Bob the Builder, Noddy, Looney Tunes and many others that I probably don’t even remember the name of. Back when there was not really a thing called internet to take over the control of your attention span. No annoying notifications from your IG or Twitter to ponder upon. So everything you would do, especially, aesthetically, you would do in absolute wonder. You know the Richard David James’ quote, “The holy grail for a music fan is to hear music from another planet, which has not been influenced by us whatsoever. Or, even better, from lots of different planets. The closest we got to that was before the Internet, when people didn’t know of each other’s existence. Now, that doesn’t really happen.” There was a minimal beauty in grasping an album by heart. The one album that you’d know every word of or …

TheLarchWood’s Song of the Day: Eric Church – Springsteen

I remember listening to Springsteen for the first time on some online radio back in 2012. It was sublime. Reminded me of my high school romance that I had thought I would not be able to live without. But there I was….taking a long walk off a short pier. Springsteen was released as a single off Eric Church’s third studio album Chief on February 21, 2012. The song was written by Church, Jeff Hyde and Ryan Tyndell and was inspired by a memory of a girl and tells the story of a teenage romance. Even though the song carries enough glimmer to feel like Spring, the title is originally centered around Church’s idol: Bruce Springsteen. Springsteen is TheLarchWood’s Song of the Day getting 5 conifer cones out of 5 for the day. Listen Below.

TheLarchWood’s Song of the Day: Kacey Musgraves – Lonely Weekend

Almost a year ago on March 30th, 2018 Kacey Musgraves released her fourth studio album Golden Hour through MCA Nashville. Kacey co-wrote and co-produced all the 13 tracks in the album with Daniel Tashian and Ian Fitchuk. And there’s no better time to listen to it than March itself. The 2nd track off Golden Hour: Lonely Weekend is TheLarchWood’s Song of the Day getting 5 conifer cones out of 5 for the day. Listen Below.

TheLarchWood’s Song of the Day: Poemme – Tadpoles

One distinctive feature of Poemme’s 2017’s album BLOOMING SPRING has to be its arbitrary emancipation. The album isn’t restricted to any emotional boundaries. It doesn’t deliver a sense of deep melancholy or morbidness, neither does it express an utmost bliss that goes beyond our cognition. Rather it gives out a feeling of a conventional and convivial life that we are fastened with. The 3rd track off Blooming Spring is TheLarchWood’s Song of the Day getting 5 conifer cones out of 5 for the day. Listen Below.

TheLarchWood’s Song of the Day: Ariel Pink – White Freckles

It’s usually when you like an album, you keep on listening to it until you hate it. Yeah, that has been the case; quite often. But not for an album like pom pom. It’s been almost 5 years and it doesn’t feel like pom pom is going to fade away from our liking anytime soon. Beside, who wouldn’t wanna listen to an upbeat pop n’ rock record on a Saturday….! Ariel Pink’s White Freckles is TheLarchWood’s Song of the Day getting 5 conifer cones out of 5 for the day. Listen Below. Don’t forget to have a fun weekend!! visit LarchWood for more!

TheLarchWood’s Song of the Day: La Javanaise

La Javanaise was written and composed by Serge Gainsbourg originally for Juliette Gréco, and interpreted by both her and Serge Gainsbourg in 1963. The story behind the song goes: One summer evening in 1962, Gréco and Gainsbourg spent the evening listening to records and drinking champagne in the huge lounge at 33, rue de Verneuil. The next day, he sent her La Javanaise. The song has been used in many movies. From 1998s romantic comedy Dieu seul me voit (Only God Sees Me) to 2017s academy award wining romantic dark fantasy The Shape of Water and it has been as fascinating every single time. La Javanaise is TheLarchWood’s Song of the Day getting 5 conifer cones out of 5 for the day. Listen Below. visit LarchWood for more!


What would happen if a superhero movie had to deal with the uncompromising ethos of life? You would probably watch your favorite superhero being shot and killed from behind while dauntlessly fighting the other antagonists in the movie. It’s an indomitable bravery that would not necessarily have to be paid off. And there would be one simple answer to that: the evil has its fair share. That reminds me of movies where your favorite characters encounter the ferine denouement, where the evil isn’t necessarily punished in the end and most importantly, where audiences’ feels remain unjust… Are there many? I guess not. If movies were to deal with such harsh and keen reality then all hope towards equity and good would vanquish. But for those, who seek pessimism and realism to be the key element of art; Galveston is definitely the movie. Just a little slow, like a Monday noon in the sickbed that can’t be outrun.

Nostalgia for a Time you never experienced

You might have heard the quote of L.P.Hartley from the novel The Go-Between: “The past is a foreign country; they do things differently there.” There will always be something about the music that our grandparents and parents would listen to when we were children. They bring a keen sense of nostalgia for a time that we didn’t experience. The music of our grandparents’ and parents’ youth. When we are in our middle or late adulthood we seem to find a great pleasure in the music of our youth. Something that is called a reminiscence bump. A tendency for older adults to have increased recollection for events and memories that seemed to have occurred in their twenties ( adolescence and early adulthood). But what about the music of our grandparents’ and parents’ adolescence and early adulthood?  To the psychological scientist and lead researcher Carol Lynne Krumhansl of Cornell University, this phenomena is called cascading reminiscence bump. In an article published on psychologicalscience he put it “Music transmitted from generation to generation shapes autobiographical memories, preferences, and …

The Tale of the Immortals

Daoism or Taoism is a tradition of Chinese origin emerged as a religious and philosophical system at about the same time as Confucianism , around the 6th–5th century BCE. It emphasizes living in harmony with the Tao or Dao (A Chinese word that signifies “the way” or “the path”. Tao is the natural order of the universe that underlies everything from the creation of galaxies to the interaction of human beings.) Later, with the growing popularity of Buddhism, Daoism acquired all the trappings of a religion. The “Eight Immortals” were the central figures of Daoist myth. They were a group of legendary xian (immortals) in Chinese mythology. Each of them were able to bestow life or destroy evil. These legendary beings have been part of Chinese oral history long before they were recorded in the works of writers of various dynasties – Tang, Song, Yuan and Ming. The Eight Immortals: Photo acquired by Henry Walters, 1915 They had all gained eternal life through seeking the Daoist way. Though they were not gods, their immortality gave them superhuman …

The Great Hidden Sea of Time

I look up. A flock of birds are hovering above. It’s pale and fumy and cold. The sun should be setting in an hour or two. There comes Mr. Eyvindarson, on his way back to home from work. If this would mean to be a story there would have been something about it. There would be a storm or a bad news or good. But it isn’t, it’s just me in my sickbed wondering what and how am I going to publish something and failing every time. Henceforth, Mr. Eyvindarson will be safe and sound and he’ll only live as long as someone is reading this blog. Time slows down by 10 times when we’re sick and bored and unable to pull off anything whatsoever. I think this is something most of my readers would agree upon. As we grow up time seems to move faster than it used to. Similarly when we are on a vacation or having a good time with our family and friends time seems to pass by in the blink …

An Empty Place

Winter is a great time to listen to music. No annoying noise from fans and as the people are not out as much and traffic comes to a halt the world seems quieter. Those who live in the parts of world that experience snowfall know it even better. There’s a silence in snowfall and fog. It’s like they are getting in the way of sound. It’s actually they really do get in the way of sound but they affect the higher frequencies more than they affect the lower ones. And it somewhat creates a stillness. An eerie, muted and dumb stillness that you hear at nights, especially when you go to bed. Horror movies tend to use this similar technique in order to have a stifle background in them too. But this phenomenon alone is not enough to stifle all the sound in nature. The temperature has a lot to do with the stillness. Cold air is denser than the warm one and sound travels much slower through denser material than it does through lighter …

A Forgotten Song

He Writes: “Lighter tone and an ensnaring comfort. A hoary sun upon my face and her. The hills of stones and permanent ways through her chest. Unbridled oscillations, rising up; then falling down again. A peaceful amble; it’s zephyr, it’s warm, it’s soft, it’s homeward..” He writes again: ‘Yesterday morning was a bit confusing for me. I had dreams that I don’t get to see anymore. Or it’d be hard to comply if I ever had one like this before; regarding the context. The colors in the dream were almost monochromatic. They were grey, rather dark. Turned out the weather outside was liable for the event. It was all fogged up and the dismal weather made the morning seem like a dark evening. It was around 7:30, and the darker tone in my room on to my eyes made me have that dream in the similar hue. However, the context and the hue of the dream alone was not enough for me to write about it. In fact I wound not have been writing this blog …