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Saudade: The Love That Remains



Nostalgia for a Time you never experienced

You might have heard the quote of L.P.Hartley from the novel The Go-Between: “The past is a foreign country; they do things differently there.” There will always be something about the music that our grandparents and parents would listen to when we were children. They bring a keen sense of nostalgia for a time that we didn’t experience. The music of our grandparents’ and parents’ youth. When we are in our middle or late adulthood we seem to find a great pleasure in the music of our youth. Something that is called a reminiscence bump. A tendency for older adults to have increased recollection for events and memories that seemed to have occurred in their twenties ( adolescence and early adulthood). But what about the music of our grandparents’ and parents’ adolescence and early adulthood?  To the psychological scientist and lead researcher Carol Lynne Krumhansl of Cornell University, this phenomena is called cascading reminiscence bump. In an article published on psychologicalscience he put it “Music transmitted from generation to generation shapes autobiographical memories, preferences, and …

Anna, You’re Lost in a Shadow There

I have been watching a Netflix series lately, which some of you might know the name of or have watched in the meantime. Even though it has just been 2 episodes I think it’d be safe to admit that I’m finding it quite absorbing. It’s called Maniac based on the Norwegian television series of the same name by Espen PA Lervaag; starring Emma Stone, Jonah Hills, Gabriel Byrne, Sonoya Mizuno and many others. Based on these two episodes I think Maniac delineates a time frame that took place in the past, presumably the very late 90’s or early 00’s. But it alludes a lifestyle and technologies that is far better than what it was in those times. A future that never took place but everyone dreamed about in 70’s or 80’s. Even though it feels somewhat nostalgic to have all these influences on our entertainments and lifestyles, I kind of find it terrifying how as we are moving towards the future our perceptions and perspectives are changing along with it. We no longer visualize an …